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Welcome to Green River Aikido

Green River Aikido provides instruction in the traditional martial art of Aikido, focusing on individual needs in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Through the regular practice of Aikido, students improve their strength, balance, posture, coordination and stamina. Aikido emphasizes partner training to develop effective responses to physical encounters which take the form of different grabs and strikes. Students learn to deliver these attacks and to dynamically and safely respond to the application of Aikido techniques (ukemi) which is perhaps the most important aspect to aikido training. In addition to body art, Aikido includes weapons training as many attacks and defenses are derived from movements based on the use of staff, sword and knife. Embedded in the training is the philosophy of the founder of Aikido, O Sensei, who believed that physical aggression can be completely neutralized and controlled without causing harm to the attacker.