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Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed in the 1920’s by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969.) Morihei, 
commonly referred to by his students as O-Sensei (“Great Teacher”) studied and mastered many 
martial arts including judo, kendo and jujitsu. He also served in the Russo-Japanese War and later as an 
instructor at elite Japanese military academies.

O-Sensei witnessed firsthand how conflicts, corruption 
and the devastation of war plagued the world and was deeply troubled by this. Although he continued 
to train intensively and gain technical proficiency, his spiritual awareness made it impossible for him to 
accept the inevitability of conflict and war and to follow a path based on necessity of victory. These 
spiritual insights enabled O-Sensei to refine and transform his art and to create Aikido, “the Way of 
Harmonizing Life Energy.”

Aikido combines mind-body discipline and partner training to create a martial art where the 
preservation of your attacker is equally as important as your own well-being, while still maintaining the 
qualities of martial spirit, physical training, and respect for others.

O-Sensei intended Aikido to be a gift 
for all mankind. Some may choose Aikido as their own Way, practicing it and making it a part of their 
daily lives, while others may be inspired by the universal message of the Art of Peace and its implications 
for our world.