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O-Sensei opened a path for the many types of people who had in the past, for whatever reasons, been excluded from the world of traditional budo—people with frail bodies, people lacking physical power, the aged, women. He did away with competition and in so doing created a way that adapts to the capabilities and characteristics of each individual, drawing out their latent potential, and allowing them each to find their niche and fulfill their own mission in life. A world in which people can live together is created when everyone is fulfilling their own potential in this way. That is my understanding of O-Sensei’s thinking.

— Chiba Sensei


Green River Aikido is a member of Birankai North America, which was founded by T.K. Chiba Sensei. We adhere to the mission of Birankai to promote quality instruction and practice of Aikido. We welcome all individuals to join our organization and pride ourselves in providing a safe and respectful environment for the mutual study of Aikido. Physical training is not the only objective, merely a process through which one gains personal and spiritual growth. Aikido is not always a harmonious journey, but, one that is also full of conflict and the reality of one’s own limitations. Conflict resolution and working through these limitations, help us learn more about ourselves and our role in achieving O’Sensei’s dream of living in harmony with one another and with nature.

Our approach to Aikido training combines body art and weapons training as well as other complimentary traditions to challenge ourselves to achieve personal growth. We have adopted a community-oriented approach to attract membership with our special family rates and discounted rates for some service-related professions. Lastly, the key to good instruction is based on personal training. We believe as instructors we must remain actively training to maintain our connection to the art in order to properly transmit it.

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