Welcome to Green River Aikido!

Green River Aikido offers both children's and adult classes in the Japanese martial art of Aikido emphasizing the coordinated body response to an attack. In addition to learning self defense, students improve their physical training in a system that combines flexibility, natural body movements and endurance.

Call us at 413-774-4341 to set up an appointment or check out our class schedule and stop by the Green River Aikido Dojo in Greenfield. Senseis Dave Stier, 6th Dan, and Kathy Stier, 5th Dan look forward to meeting you.

Tiny Tigers starts 3/2!

Check out our Events page for more information on this special program for preschool kids (ages 4-6).

Special weapons seminars 3/7 and 4/4

Want to improve your weapons practice? Join us for these special seminars

Kathy Sensei and Dave Sensei at Aiki Farms, 4/11

Seminar featuring our senseis -- see the Events page for more information.

Birankai Eastern Regional Seminar 2015, 5/1-5/3

At Green River Aikido -- see the seminar page for more information.